Important Announcement Regarding Gingerbread Village

We regret to inform you that amidst this challenging time due to COVID-19, and the subsequent WA State restrictions on gatherings, Gingerbread Village will not take place in 2020. 
With the health and safety of our community being our top priority, producing this event and bringing thousands of people together to view it would be unwise. The inability to safely provide the Gingerbread Village experience this year saddens us given it is such a fun and impactful holiday tradition that supports JDRF with critical funds each year.


While we look forward to bringing back Gingerbread Village for the 2021 holiday season, T1D continues to impact our community every day. Since last year’s Gingerbread Village, over 1,000 children and adults were diagnosed with T1D in Washington. To support the research aimed at providing a cure for this life threatening disease, please visit :

Feeling creative? Submit your own Gingerbread House for #GBVAtHome!